As we know lots of Fasting Vrat is kept people in IndiaSome will keep fast on Monday, Tuesday, Friday & SaturdayVrat also kept people during Navratri Festival, Mahashivratri, Ekadashi, Chaturthi & Shravan Month.

During this fast, Sago or Sabudana is the main ingredient for their recipesSabudana Khichdi is one of the most popular recipes in IndiaSabudana Khichdi is always liked everyoneMeans children, adults, old persons also.

Sabudana Khichdi can also be enjoyed as breakfast recipe to change your mood.

Sabudana Khichdi is also known as Sabudana Usal in MaharashtraAs I know most of the people know how to make itBut I will show you how to make it easy with step step process with images.

From Sabudana we can also make

Sabudana Kheer

Sabudana Vada

Sabudana Ladoo

Memorable Movement :

In our childhood, my mother used to do Monday Upvas, Chaturthi & many moreNowadays she has lessened the vratAs children me and my sister always wait when she will have fast in a week or month.

We also made sure seeing the calendar when will the Ekadashi, Chaturthi cameBecause my mother will always strict in childhood & now also she never changed.

She gave us 1 small cup of Sabudana Khichdi on Vrat days during our mealMe & my sister always fight for having it more.

Sometimes I also complain that she gave more to my sister & less to me & my sister complain that she gave more to me & lessen to herThen my mom make sure that she will give equal Sabudana Khichdi.

I think in childhood it is very normal to fight for something we likeNow also we don’t change muchMy sister will always wait when the fast days will arrive & have Sabudana Khichdi.

Sometimes we recall how we fought to have more usal with another & laughI think you will also have this kind of memory so please share.


Cusine Maharashtrian

Course Snacks & Breakfast

Preparation Time10 Minutes

Cooking  Time 15 Minutes

Total Time 25 Minutes

Ingredients :

1 Sago/Tapioca Pearls (Sabudana) – 2 cup (soak for 3 hours in water)

2 Water (Pani) – 1 cup (for soaking)

3 Potato (Aloo) – 1  (grated & washed)

4 Peanuts (Bhuni Moongphali) – 1 cup (roasted & grated)

5 Green Chili (Hari Mirch) – 4 (chopped)

6 Red Chili Powder (Lal Mirch) – 1tsp (optional)

7 Salt (Namak) -1 teaspoon (as you needed)

8 Cumin Seeds (Jeera) – 1teaspoon

9 Oil (tel) – 2 teaspoon

Sabudana Khichdi Recipe/Sabudana Usal Recipe

1 Rinse Sabudana  with water then add 1 cup of water to Sabudana for soaking in a bowl for 3 hours.

2 Take a pan roast the peanuts & rest them to come on room temperature or cool.

3 Remove the covers of peanuts otherwise you can allow as it is & grind them in a mixer.

4 Take a medium size potato, washed and grated it or you can chop also.

5 Take a pan heat oil on medium flame add cumin seeds until crackle.

6 Add grated potato & fry  until it becomes golden brown.

7 Add chopped green chili & allow it for 1 to 2 secondsMix it well.

8 Add red chili powder, salt & mix well.

9 Add Sabudana & grated peanut at the same time & mix it well.

10 Cover the pan & cook it for 10 minutes but in meantime you must open the pan and stir it again for 2 to 3 times.

11 Otherwise, it will get overcook & burn from the bottom side of a pan.


Sabudana Khichdi can be served with lemon, curd, buttermilk, tamarind chutney, etc.

Saboodana Khichdi Recipe with step step process for Vrat

1.Take 2 cups of Sabudana or tapioca pearls in a medium sized bowl, add 1 ½ cup water to it and rinse itThen add 1 cup of water to tapioca pearls bowl & rest them for 4 hoursDepending upon the type of Sabudana pearls you can be soaked them overnight or for few hours.

2.Ingredients for making the recipe 1 tsp oil, 1tsp cumin seeds, 2 medium sized grated potatoes, 3 to 4 chopped green chilies, 1 cup ground peanut powder.

3.Take a pan or Kadhai to add 1 tsp of oil or ghee as you likeAllow it to become hot on medium flame.

4.Add cumin seeds to oil allow it to crackle & if it will come your face then turn off the flame or you can low the gas flame.

5.Add Chopped green chili, grated potato, 1 pinch of salt & fry it on medium flame.

6.Cover the pan for allow it to cook for 5 to 6 minutesBetween this time open the cover & sauté it.

6.After that add soaked Sabudana pearls, grinded peanut, salt as you needed at the same time & stir it well.

7.Cover the Pan or Kadhai & allow it to cook for 10 minutesBetween the time you must open it stir it wellOtherwise it will burn from bottom side of pan.

Important Points

1 While adding water for soaking Sabudana pearls add just little above the level of tapico pearls.

2 Add salt when you put grated potato in pan because it will help potato to observe salt & make it tasty.

3 Made the Sabudana Khichdi in nonsticky pan or kadhai, Aluminium Kadhai or pot, Iron KadhaiDo not use steel pot or kadhai because it will burn the Kichadi.

How To Make Sabudana Khichadi For Fasting Vrat/ Sabudana Usal Upvas Recipe

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