Gajar ka Halwa

Gajar Halwa is generally made up of carrots i.eGajar, sugar, milk or khoya & Cardamom powder, etc.

Carrot Halwa is often made during the winter season as there are lots of carrots available easily I marketFrom Carrot, lots of dishes are made like Gajar Barfi, Gajar Ladoo, Gajar Raita, Carrot Muraba, Carrot Chutney, Carrot Payasam, Carrot Gobi Sabzi, Carrot Vatana Sabzi, etc.

There are different colours of Carrrots like some are yellow, white, black, red, purple & orangeWe usually use orange colour or red colour carrots to make halwaCarrot must be fresh & juicyMake sure that they are not fibrous & dense.

Carrot Halwa usually made with different styles like in pressure cooker, oven or pan or kadhaiYou can also make Gajar Halwa with condensed milk or khoya, jaggery, cream, etcBut in our homes usually, milk is available so you can make it easier with the ingredients that are in your house.

Gajar Halwa also called GajrelaCarrot Halwa usually takes more than 30 minutes in order to cook it wellCarrot Halwa can be served warm or cold as you likeBut I like it cold because it gives you mouthwatering taste.

There are various kinds of halwa like semolina halwa, moong dal halwa, aloo ka halwa, badam halwa, wheat halwa, Besan Halwa, Kadu ka Halwa, Ragi Halwa, Sweet potato halwa, etc.

You can also store the carrot halwa in the refrigerator for 4 to 5 daysSometimes you can also try it with vanilla ice cream.

Memorable Moment

As I am a foodieI always like sweet dishes among them carrot halwa is special for me.

I like to eat carrot halwa during winterCold weather & warm Gajar halwa makes my dayCold Gajar Halwa also tastes yummySometimes you can try carrot halwa with vanilla ice creamIt will like a bonus for food lovers.

My mom makes awesome mouthwatering Gajar HalwaI remember when I was a child, I used to eat Gajar Halwa stealing from the fridge when others are  busy  doing their workThen my mom found some less Gajar Halwa in Pot she stored.

Sometimes she ignored it & but sometimes she got angry with meBecause she had made the Gajar Halwa for guestBut I finished it eating.

My sister usually does not like Gajar Halwa from her childhoodMy mom instead of her to eat itBut she will eat very lessShe usually gives her Halwa to me & this is plus point for meDo you have similar memories? Share it in the comment section.

Additional Information

  • Cuisine – Indian

  • Course –Desserts

  • Diet – Vegeratarian

  • Preparation Time – 15 minutes

  • Cook Time – 20 minutes

  • Total Time –35 minutes

  • Main Ingredients – Carrot, Milk

  • Servings – 3 to 4 persons

  • Author –

  • Level of Cooking – Medium



  1. Carrot (Gajar) – 2 (peeled & grated)

  2. Milk (Dhoodh) – 1 cup

  3. Sugar (Chini) – 1 cup

  4. Cardamom powder (Illayachi powder) – 1 tsp

  5. Dry Fruits – ½ cup (chopped)

  6. Ghee – ½ cup

The Procedure of Carrot Halwa Recipe

  1. Take 2 carrots, washed & peeled themGrate them roughly.

  2. Heat a pan add ½ cup ghee & allow it to melt on low flame.

  3. Add grated carrot in a pan & stir it continuously in ghee on low flame.

  4. Cover the pan with the lid for 10 minutes on low flame & stir after 1 min.

  5. Add 1 cup of milk in the pan & mix it well on low flame along with grated carrots.

  6. Cover a pan with the lid on low flame for 5 mins & stir after 1 min.

  7. Add 1 cup of sugar & sauté it wellYou can add more or less sugar as you like.

  8. Add 1 tsp of cardamom powder & mix it well.

  9. Do not cover the pan allow it to cook until water reduces.

  10. This will take 5 to 10 minutes then turn off the flame.

  11. Add ½ cup of dry fruits & mix it well.

  12. Garnish it with dry fruits & serve it as you like cool or warm.

Step Step Process of Making Gajar Halwa

  1. Take 2 fresh carrotsYou can take more carrots as you needBut the other ingredients must be balanced in that proportion.

  2. Wash the carrots & peel them offThen roughly grate themYou can grate them fine alsoAs you wish, you can grate them as you likeSome people like finely grated carrot halwa & some like it roughly gratedI personally like roughly grated because it tastes very delicious.

  3. For making this recipe you will need ½ cup of ghee, 1 cup of Milk, ½ cup of dry fruits, 1 cup of sugar, 1 teaspoon of cardamom powderYou can add more or less quantity of ingredients as you like.

  4. Heat a Pan or Kadhai & add ½ cup of ghee in itAllow the ghee melt & hot for 2 minutes.

  5. Add the grated carrots in the Pan & mix it well in gheeCover the pan with lid & cook it on low flame for 10 minutesBetween these 10 minutes open the lid & stir it after 1 minuteMake sure it will not stick from the bottom side of pan or KadhaiSo sauté well.

  6. Then add 1 cup of milk to it & mix it wellYou can add more or less milk as you likeYou can also add khoya or condensed milk instead of just milkCover the Pan or Kadhai with lid for 5 minutes & stir after 1 minute on low flame.

  7. Add 1 cup of sugar in grated carrotsYou can add more or less sugar as you needAdd 1 teaspoon of Cardamom Powder & Mix it wellDo not cover it with lid allow it cook on low flame until the mixture gets dry.

  8. Add ½ cup of dry fruits & mix it wellTurn off the flame.

  9. Serve it warm or cold garnishing with dry fruits.

Important Notes

  1. Make sure Carrots must be tender, juicy & having less fibers.

  2. If there are more fibers then peel off them.

  3. Stir Continuously when the Sugar adds to grated Carrots.

  4. You can adjust the moisture in the Gajar Halwa cooking it less.

Gajar ka Halwa Recipe | Carrot Halwa Recipe- LV’S COOKING

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